A place with no hope?

Posted on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 in Money, Thought Process

What if instead we allowed them to go to places of employment to offer their services, even at a below minimum wage to earn their opportunity. Earn a higher valuation in the market place as they gain skills. Maybe even to the point they know so much the owners and managers couldn’t let them leave to take an offer from another company or competitor? Or they become so valuable in helping that company grow and create opportunities for others that they become owners.

Supply and demand apply’s to employment as I see it. However, if we augment that with empty hope we have a work force that can get enough but not prosperity. There is a learning curve that the road to prosperity has. Everyone that has worked for less than their worth understands that, and haven’t we all.  But those that invest their time and energy to gain a prosperous future wisely, surely will have it at the direction of people further along that are sincere in helping them.

3 Questions That Changed My Life

Posted on Monday, December 6, 2010 in Thought Process

I was 18 years old. One of my best friends brother called me to talk business. Thought I might be interested in a business he was starting. He was right. We met at the McDonalds in Roanoke Rapids. We (he) talked for about 15 mins (tops). When he was done he asked me 3 questions who’s answers would change my life forever. Even today after 8 years I use these 3 questions to make sure I am doing what I need to be doing. I use these three questions to check on myself and see what my standards are, depending on how I answer; tells me what I need to work on. Also it helps me gauge others. Here are the 3 questions who’s answers changed my life:

1- How Ambitious Are You On A Scale 1-10?  My Answer – 10

2- How Accountable Are You On A Scale 1-10? My Answer – 10

3- How Teachable Are You On A Scale 1-10? My Answer – 10

Ambition to me is willingness to do what it takes to reach goals. Achieve. Success. Desire to do better. Desire to achieve more. Desire to Change to be a better person, a different person.

Accountability to me means when you say something you mean it. If you make a commitment you follow through on it. When you miss, you confess your short coming to who ever you failed or who’s mercy you may be at. That old saying our grand fathers used “My Word is My Bond”. The fact that a hand shake can be a contract.

Teachability to me is humbling ones self to another to learn, grow, achieve, help. To keep my mouth shut when someone that is further along than me is giving me some advice, direction or ideas that might help. Actively listening to another person that has what I want and is willing to help me get it, or make it, or learn it. What ever IT is. Not being in rebellion. Submitting to helping someone else get what they want, maybe a mentor, superior, even an employer. Having the ability to know when you can be learning something even if its just being patient.

Sometimes I get upset with other people when I don’t feel they rated a 10 on those questions. Maybe even mad sometimes. But I have realized that even I don’t rate a 10 at all times on all questions. Although Most all of the time I do. I guess I just have to realize where they are at and be okay with it. Thats tough for me. I guess I’m working on my rating on Understanding.

Foreign Wars – Iraq

Posted on Monday, December 6, 2010 in war

I was recently watching one of my favorite shows on TV Build It Bigger when I saw the results of decisions made by the USA leadership over the past 10 years or so. It was a show about Al Hamra Tower in Kuwait in the middle east. The neighbor of Iraq. The Al Hamra Tower just also happens to be designed by a US architecture firm also. Who designed the building is not the point and neither that it was a US company. The fact of the matter, at the time of air of this show the Al Hamra Tower was and still to this day (to my knowledge) the Tallest “Twisting” Structure on Earth.

Kuwait in 2010 has estimated approximately 3,500,000 people living there, about 1,500,000 citizens.

In 1990 Iraq invaded and Occupied Kuwait until US Forces ran them out of the country.

Now that Saddam Hussein is gone, in the past 5 years, over 55 “high rise” towers have been built.

The previous fears of invasion are no longer there and the people have prospered. The businesses foreign and domestic to Kuwait have prospered. No fear that someone was going to just walk right back into the country and take what people had worked hard to build, create and invest in. They are free of Fear, Terror, Oppression. And where freedom rings the people have prospered. Now I don’t know on the state level how relatively “free” the citizens of Kuwait are compared to US Citizens. However they sure are living with less fear of the old Iraq invading, killing and destroying.

A lot of people argue about the decisions made by the US to stabilize a region, and at what cost. The costs of American lives paid for foreign people. I would venture to guess that the people of Kuwait know and will remember why they enjoy the freedom from oppression and who helped them get their freedom. I know the same people that say they were “worthless wars”, and can number countless reasons on why the US shouldent have gone. And give theories on why why we went like Oil. I think in the long run the value of human lives and peace to a region will far out way and out last oil.

Most Album / CD Sales 2000-2010 Last Decade

Posted on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 in Music

I was on facebook today and saw Eminem post a video, in that video was a comment that he sold the most albums / cd’s in the past decade 2000-2010. Thought that would be interesting to share. See Entertainment Weekly below EW.com:


Noah Boswell

Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 in Family, PPC
Noah and Lotus

Noah and Lotus

Figured I should Update the ole blog here since it has been soooooo long. I have been urged several times in the recent past to at least throw something up here. So since this site is about me what better than me and my lotus? The Lotus Elise I bought when I was 23 by the way. This is a great pic taken by my brother and his company Funes Photography. Speaking of my brother and his company, He is one of my PPC success stories. I don’t tell the following to brag…well maybe a little about my PPC skills but not anything else. I helped him get started with some PPC in his local area for wedding photography and in less than one year he was full time in his own business! LESS THAN ONE YEAR! He couldn’t have done it with just PPC. He has AMAZING skills with the camera, and is also great with people! Check out his site and all the truly skilled photos he has taken on his blog. I am just happy and thrilled I could be a little part of him QUITTING his full time job and work to do something he really is passionate about and excited about not just punching a clock anymore. With the help of a little PPC that started bringing in quality leads to help him build his clientele.

Things you may not know about Noah Boswell

Posted on Friday, May 8, 2009 in Journal Entry, Past, Thought Process

About Noah Boswell (written in 3rd person)

Is not a fan of getting up early in the morning.

DOES like to stay up late.

Has NOT worked for another person since he was 23. (he does have great clients he loves though)

Never had a job for someone else more than about a year.

IS a college drop out (still on a formal education sabbatical). Will earn honorary degrees later.

Turned DOWN a $45,000 Job offer from a Fortune 500 company when he was 19 years old.

PNB Taxes Theory

Posted on Thursday, October 30, 2008 in Thought Process


Taxes   Okay. For a lot of us, or maybe few of us. Taxes are a big issue this Election. The rich don’t want more taxes, and the middle class and poor want to take from the rich and redistribute. 

Heres one of my personal views. If we keep it the same, keep lower taxes the rich stay rich. If we raise taxes and redistribute to the poor and middle class…Since they don’t know know how to handle their own money (obviously since they are in the situation they are in) they will just spend their money or put it back in the economy. As we all know most rich people own business in the economy which is most likely where the middle class and poor peoples money will end up after being redistributed to them. 

So all in all if we redistribute the riches money, the poor and middle class will give it right back to those rich people mostly thru consumption.

So either way the rich still win. It may be a quick impediment but the rich still win and the middle class and poor still keep doing what they do to keep them in their situation.

In conclusion its all good either way for those who understand how it all works out in the wash…

The Rich Get Richer…

Posted on Thursday, July 31, 2008 in Money, Thought Process

At 24 years old, already in this life I have seen a fair amount of historical events. I have seen the gulf war, dark TV screens lit by the green tracers of military war fare. I have seen two economic booms and busts. The proliferation of computers and software from the $5,000.00 desktop to the $200.00 iPhone. I have seen a terrorist attack on american soil, its effects on a people, a nation and economy. I have seen the overly optimistic result of the dot com boom and housing boom. I have seen a free christian nation free the oppressed nation of an islamic country from its dictator through force and democratic murder sentence. 

In these strange days one thing remains constant. “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”. How beautiful. For those of lack mentality, poverty mentality, and lack of personal responsibility this is a heavy burden to bare. For me, for those of my similar thought process it is a time to rejoice. 

I hear of this “bad housing” economy. However I daly see the construction of a 10,000 square foot home on my way to work. I receive an email from the Greenbriar Sporting Club that states they have had one of their best years to date with over $24,000,000.00 in sales. Who ever these buyers are, they are surely not participating in this “dire economic situation”. For me this is a time to realize the fact that if I can think and act like these people, I will never have a personally “dire economic situation”. 

Is Someone Damaging your Reputation with PPC?

Posted on Thursday, June 26, 2008 in Thought Process

Recently in some personal testing of not only the effectiveness of PPC but the Influence of PPC. I have found the potentially harmful use of PPC advertising on someone else’s brand. First off was the distribution of factual and press worthy information about local Raleigh NC Clubs; Yancy’s restaurant and the Longbranch Saloon music club. According to the TBJ “two popular Raleigh destinations, have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.” So in the efforts of testing I created one PPC ad. See: picture-2.pngA fully legitimate ad, one that is true, backed up by a legitamate print publicly distributed news papers website. However these two Raleigh NC clubs are still in operation and for all I know, doing everything they can to get out of bankruptcy. Although because an individual with the knowledge of how to create PPC ads can have a potentially significant influence on a company. Second is a local Raleigh NC restaurant I have frequented very often…until recently. Yes, a local restaurant that on one occasion had extremely poor customer service. Perhaps I took the lead of a great friend & SEO PRO that had an extremely delayed payment from a non-profit church in the area. I went to the web with my poor experiance. And created an Ad, See:The Big Easy Raleigh NCAs we all know, for this day-in-age the individual has possibly never had the leverage and impact available that we have now. These situations are great examples of situations YOUR brand and business can be affected by the opinion of one individual with the knowledge of how to spread that opinion. The Point of this Post was not to further voice my opinions. However to communicate the need for Reputation Management of individual companies and the concern to Google for the need of policing the ads that are created. The Ads I create have run for weeks on end with no question. I have since paused the Bankruptcy ads. However no intention in pausing the poor customer service ad. My question to the readers is: Is this an “un-fair” and some way only an internet professional can to do. Or is this totally cool for any and everyone to do in reviews of local or national business’? I look forward to your input! Also, If I were running the internet publication of the press article the business’ in highlight would be perfect keyword targets to generate more hits and ad impressions for my publication…for only 5 cents or less this would be a more than justifiable cost to generate hundreds of viewers over time!

Be Selfish

Posted on Thursday, April 24, 2008 in Journal Entry, Money, Thought Process

A great statement that I believe more people should live by. Hahaha, No I do not mean in the self centered and careless absence of thoughtfulness for others. I have seen and been around too many people in my life that are not selfish for them selfs. The situation really is that if you are not selfish for your self you will harm others in some way. So true for the opposite side of the coin, too selfish and self centered you will also harm others. How many parents have used their kids for reasons of not achieving more. How many consumers have settled for a life of mediocrity than that of exceeding abundance. Imagine how freely Adam Smiths “invisible hand” could move with the fruits of hard work and effective work of so many that are in America and the world. It is the “selfish desires” of other individuals that fuel this American Consumption economy. Commerce, The highest form of economy. “Buyers and sellers in the market are motivated purely by self-interest but they serve the general interest with out having intended it.” – D. D. Raphael. A large majority of individuals make decisions to not provide for their own self-interest, in-turn effecting the “natural” way of things. Thats all I got for tonight…

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